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Test Title Factorio Version Date Author
test-template Test template 0.17.79 n/a mulark
test-000001 What is the best way to benchmark Factorio? 0.16.51 2018-10-21 mulark
test-000002 Does performance of designs scale linearly to the number of entities / amount of production? 0.16.51 2018-10-21 mulark
test-000003 Is it better to use offshore pumps where they are needed directly in, or use as few as possible and pipe water to its destination? 0.16.51 2018-11-09 mulark
test-000004 Does the number of slots or type of chest influence the performance cost? 0.16.51 2018-11-09 mulark
test-000005 What is the performance improvement for priming inserters? 0.16.51 2018-11-09 mulark
test-000006 Does solar have a negative UPS impact due to the additional RAM consumption? (Part 1/1) 0.16.51 2018-12-19 mulark
test-000007 A look at a couple rocket fuel designs, and a investigation on the fluidsUpdate timing presented by verbose benchmarking. 0.17.33/0.17.34 2019-06-05 mulark
test-000009 Does having more beacon sharing impact performance in any meaningful way? 0.16.51 2018-12-23 mulark
test-000010 A deeper dive into the results of test-000009. Why did more beacons perform worse? 0.16.51 2018-12-27 mulark
test-000011 A performance comparison between /u/schaev and /u/swolar's designs. 0.16.51 2019-02-23 mulark, swolar
test-000012 A look at how overbuilding a synthetic yellow science build affects performance. 0.16.51 2019-01-04 mulark
test-000013 Are electric networks updated in parallel with each other? 1.0.0 2020-09-21 mulark
test-000014 Does the update order of trains affect the performance of trains? 0.16.51 2019-01-24 mulark
test-000015 Are cars with orientation 0 more UPS efficient than other orientations? 0.16.51 2019-01-12 mulark
test-000016 Do train wagons perform collision checks on their directly connected neighbour? 0.16.51 2019-01-19 mulark
test-000017 A performance comparison of 0.16 and 0.17. 0.16.51/0.17.1/0.17.7 2019-03-11 mulark
test-000018 A look at on patch smelting, where directly mining into a furnace is compared against mining into a chest and using an inserter to move the ore. 0.16.51 2019-01-12 mulark
test-000019 Does the wait condition on trains have a signifigant performance delta? 0.16.51 2019-02-10 mulark
test-000022 Are trains moving north more UPS efficient than other directions? 0.16.51 2019-01-23 mulark
test-000025 Does the spacing between rails affect performance? 0.16.51 2019-02-04 mulark
test-000026 Are diagonal trains more or less UPS effective than straight trains? 0.16.51 2019-02-04 mulark
test-000028 Does having cars aligned to the collision grid improve performance when they are moving? 0.16.51 2019-02-02 mulark
test-000029 What is the performance cost of a moving ore belt in front of miners? 1.1.90 2023-09-12 mulark
test-000030 Part 2 of testing train wait conditions. Testing multiple conditions. 0.16.51 2019-02-14 mulark
test-000031 Is it better to have two miners each mine a half lane, or have one miner mine into a splitter for a full belt? 1.1.91 2023-09-14 mulark
test-000032 Further performance exploration of 2 miners versus 1 miner and a splitter 1.1.91 2023-09-15 mulark
test-000034 When using cars as a handoff, is it better to leave the fuel and ammo slots empty, or fill them? 0.17.17 2019-03-24 mulark
test-000038 0.17 Revisit: Is it better to use offshore pumps where they are needed directly in, or use as few as possible and pipe water to its destination? 0.17.33/0.17.34 2019-05-20 mulark
test-000039 How have the Intel security vulnerability mitigations impacted the performance of Factorio? 0.17.43 2019-07-14 mulark
test-000046 Does recompressing game saves affect the resulting runtime performance? 0.17.78 2019-11-28 mulark
test-000047 Revisting train wait conditions in 0.17 0.17.79 2019-12-15 mulark
test-000050 Measuring the performance cost of pipes based on fluid filters and fluid levels. 0.18.17 2020-04-02 mulark
test-000051 Retesting the UPS cost of diagonal trains; Is it worth going diagonal to avoid ore? 0.18.24 2020-05-12 mulark
test-000055 Measuring the performance of Factorio across various versions Varies 2020-08-09 mulark
test-000059 1.1 Revist - Is it better to over beacon entities so they spend more time idle? 1.1.42 2021-10-19 mulark
test-000060 Does priming inserters matter when the inserter is part of a DI chain? 1.1.107 2024-04-17 mulark
test-000061 Is there a performance improvement to turning off inserters chasing items? 1.1.107 2024-04-20 mulark
test-000101 Best way to load/unload furnaces? Cars vs. Chests, clocked vs freerunning inserters? 0.17.32 2019-04-22 KnightElite
test-000102 Do Stack Inserters perform better than filter stack inserters? 0.17.32 2019-04-22 KnightElite
test-000103 Performance of trains in different states 0.17.33 2019-04-22 KnightElite
test-000104 Performance Cost of stationary trains 0.17.33 2019-04-25 KnightElite
test-000105 Is it worth making trains stay at the station instead of a signal so inserters remain inactive? 0.17.34 2019-04-27 KnightElite
test-000106 Which fuel type is most UPS efficient? 0.18.17 2020-04-02 KnightElite
test-000201 What is the ideal amount of logistic bots in a network? 0.17.79 2020-05-04 Swolar