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test-template : Testing template

Factorio Version 1.1.0


A short summary of the data collected in the test that answers the question posed by the test

The Question

A more detailed explanation of the question. Methodology and speculation about how to test the question. Potentially related questions that are not the specific topic of this test. Possible answers to the question, staged for testing.[1]

The Test

Important information about the test. What attributes does the test have? How is the test being conducted?[2]

The Data

Data collected from the test. Graphs, screenshots, and supporting evidence

Included in this template folder is a folder for raw data. Data that is too big, clunky, or ugly can be dumped here. There is also an images folder to store images needed for this test. Consider using the optipng utility to keep the size down a bit. For graphs, .svg format does work well since it is scalable.

All maps will be uploaded here.


Closing notes about this test and other tests which may test a similar attribute or property